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Russia Conquers the North Pole

Russian explorers have planted their country's flag on the seabed 4,200m (14,000ft) below the North Pole to further Moscow's claims to the Arctic.

The rust-proof titanium metal flag was brought by explorers travelling in two mini-submarines, in what is believed to be the first expedition of its kind.

Both vessels have now rejoined the expedition's ships, completing their risky return journey to the surface.

Canada, which also claims territory in the Arctic, has criticised the mission.

"This isn't the 15th Century," Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay told the CTV channel.

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40 Kinds of Sadness

I feel 40 kinds of sadness when you're gone.
I feel the same thing always happens when you're gone
And i know you're just around the corner
But just around the corner is not enough
It's not enough
My eyes are waiting at the door
Just like every time before
Time flies so slow...
Time flies so slow!

It's not enough, I don't know why
It's not enough, I miss you all the time
And I know you kinda like it.

I feel.. yea.. 40 kinds of sadness when you're gone.
I feel 40 kinds of sadness when you're gone.
I feel the same thing always happens when you're gone

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Organ Music Played By The Sun

Immense coils of hot, electrified gas in the Sun's atmosphere behave like a musical instrument, scientists say.

These "coronal loops" carry acoustic waves in much the same way that sound is carried through a pipe organ.

Solar explosions called micro-flares generate sound booms which are then propagated along the coronal loops.

"The effect is much like plucking a guitar string," Professor Robert von Fay-Siebenbuergen told BBC News at the National Astronomy Meeting in Preston.

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Scientists Decode Macaque Genome

Scientists have decoded the genetic make-up of the rhesus macaque, an Old World monkey.

It is the third primate (after humans and chimps) to have the secrets of its DNA laid bare.

The work, led by the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, is reported in the journal Science.

Researchers say the information will help them understand better the evolutionary relationships between humans and their closest relatives.

It will also have major implications for the study of human health and disease.

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'Toadzilla' Invades Australia

"A giant cane toad the size of a small dog and nicknamed Toadzilla has been captured in northern Australia.

Toadzilla is the biggest cane toad ever found in Australia's Northern Territory and weighs just under two pounds, according to an environmental group.

Environmentalists have been trying to stop the spread of the poisonous creatures across the country's tropics.

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Early IT

See English subtitles here:

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Really Great Video

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Britney Spears: The Antichrist?

Staff at the Promises clinic, where Britney Spears checked herself into last month, has been put on a ‘suicide watch’, after the singer reportedly tried to hang herself with a bed sheet.

Britney had friends and family worried sick when paramedics were rushed to the clinic recently, and now a friend has revealed that medics were called because she tried to commit suicide.

Just before she tried to hang herself, the pal said, Britney wrote 666 on her shaved head, and ran around the clinic screaming "I am the Antichrist!"

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My Idol

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Apple To Transition EVERYTHING To MultiTouch?

I came across the following rumor and found it very interesting. If it turns out to be true, Apple may cause a paradigm shift in the personal computer very soon. Certainly it is not unlike Apple to do such things. Here's the rumor:

"There will be no Logic 8. The successor to Logic 7 will have a new name. The unnamed application will be 10.5 only and will work with a new line of touch sensitive Apple displays. Also, it will be an OMG PROTOOLS KILLER!@!!

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